Net (Greek Definition)
Diktuon (from dikoo “to throw”); let down, cast, and draw to shore.


The counselors working with our partners gain invaluable life experience through exposure to this underserved demographic that shapes them for future work. They meet in group and individual settings weekly.


Mentors provide real life support and encouragement to individuals in their journey toward financial, spiritual and emotional wholeness. Our mentors have a once a week commitment for six months. We currently have approximately seventy mentors serving alongside our partners. The Net has a ministry resource network directory available for use by counselors and mentors to connect individuals to specific resources and to meet needs on a more wholistic level.


Gaining new insights into behaviors, emotions and relationships.

Learning new ways of expressing feelings and identifying patterns of thinking and behavior.

Overcoming feelings of anxiety, depression and anger.

Helping you develop healthier communication skills.

Working through grief that heals and releases pain and loss.

 • Addiction
• Aging
• Abuse
• Anger Management
• Anxiety
• Blended Families
• Chemical Dependency
• Children and Adolescents


Areas of Help

• Co-Dependency
• Communication
• Conflict Management
• Depression
• Infertility
• Marriage Preparation
• Marriage Enrichment
• Pain and Loss



• Parenting
• Personal Growth
• Relationships
• Stress Management
• Trauma
• Weight Control
• Women’s Issues