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Erin White, MAMFT, LPC, LMFTA                                                     Carroll Blackledge

Elizabeth Busching, LPC                                                                   Quita Sauerwein

Dr. Charles Boudreaux, LPC-S,LMFT-S                                           Emily Gonseth

 Barb Martin, LPC-S,LMFT-S                                                            Jordan Berry

Jay Roberson, LPC-S,LMFT-S                                                         Mary Katherine Evans

The Net

The Net exists to help individuals, couples, and families gain insights into their behaviors, emotions and relationships while learning more productive ways of expressing thoughts and feelings. Counseling works to produce healthier communication skills and targets destructive thought patterns and feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and anger.

Voice of Calvary (Main Office):  601-351-9911

Redeemer Church:  601-362-9987

Cathy Walters                                                  

Elizabeth Busching
Vice President